Social Emotional Learning

Teachers are placed in a stressful environment where every minute lives are dependent on the hundreds of decisions that we make each day.

A Penn State 2009 article stated that the higher the teacher Social Emotional Learning ( SEL ) the more positive the classroom culture and climate will be. Furthermore, the student’s social, emotional, and academic outcomes will increase.


“Teachers have self-efficacy because they believe and know that they can meet expectations and support learning. TeachersInTouch enables to easily implement best practices and meet expectations. Teacher self-efficacy has a high effect on student achievement.” ( John Hattie )


TeachersInTouch eliminates the stressors so teachers are able to meet and exceed expectations. Now that the teacher is less stressed, the teacher has more impulse control and chooses approaches that deescalate rather than aggravate matters.

TinTelligence helps teachers establish goals to guide their performance.

The behavior module and communication supports frequent and immediate feedback on student progress on behavior, academics, and attendance. Students are able to exercise self-discipline, self-motivation, and impulse control.

Teacher mindfulness improves SEL and student engagement.

Relationship skills

Teachers are able to build relationships with parents, students, and stakeholders via effective, frequent, and meaningful communication. Teachers are able to collaborate with team members to better support students. TeachersInTouch gives teachers the ability to communicate effectively.

TeachersInTouch gives the power to build relationships and create a community because TeachersInTouch allows for a teacher to send accolades, and more, on a daily basis.
Research shows that teachers have the biggest impact on student engagement. A positive teacher-student relationship increases student engagement by 30 times.

Responsible decision-making

Teachers are able to easily identify student deficiencies, input strategies, and progress monitor them. The reports allow teachers to reflect on their actions or in order to adjust their performance. TinTelligence gives a score and helps teachers to establish goals to improve their performance.

When teachers use responsible decision-making it influences students to make responsible decisions when reflecting on their performance.