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Add TeachersInTouch and Subtract Teacher Paperwork

One of the biggest challenges of today’s teachers is the amount of paperwork and documentation that is required for compliance.
Teachers are spending more time filling out forms, tracking behaviors, and managing paperwork, than doing what they’re hired to do – and that is teach children.


TeachersInTouch simplifies workflows and paperwork so the teacher spends less time on red tape and more on teaching and learning.

We do this by

Improved CCRPI Our Secret Sauce

Our secret sauce known as TinTelligenceTM leverages 32 years of domain expertise that solve other common educator problems.

Our Secret Sauce Improves CCRPI!


Taking attendance shouldn't be more challenging because of remote learning.

TeachersInTouch Remote lets you take attendance without leaving or resizing your streaming screen. TeachersInTouch, as always, documents everything for you.

Improve Parent/Teacher Communication

Effective school-to-parent communication is more than mere notifications. Have meaningful parent communication and track it all too.

Improve School Culture & Behavior

Continuously recognize students for meeting behavior expectations with our Positive Behavior System. Also complete, send, and document referrals plus notify the parent all in one place.

Improve RTI

Response To Intervention is key to closing the achievement gap. RTI is not only a best practice it is also required by law. Districts face lawsuits and fines because of lack of compliance. Use TeachersInTouch to complete your paperwork, document incidents, interventions and get results!

As educators, we know that attendance, behavior, and academics are interconnected. TeachersInTouch helps you to improve all three while spending less time doing it. With its powerful design, TinTelligence and documentation, TeachersInTouch keeps kids from falling through the cracks without burning you out.

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